Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the buzz: Feb 6

Before I get to the feature presentation, a few exciting pieces of news. First up, loads of great news over at Food Bloggers of Canada. And will you look at that, my girl Kelly won silver in the Ninjamatics Weblog Awards art and photography category. No surprise there. Girls got mad skills. Loads of other FBC members won in many of the categories so big congrats all round. Do yourself a favour and check out some of these blogs. Totally inspiring.

Like always tons of exciting stuff also happening locally. Last week Chives Canadian Bistro announced they are opening a second resto, Two Doors Down. And, yes, it is literally two doors down in the space recently occupied by E-Pin Grill House. The new space, unlike Chives, will be open for lunch, dinner and Saturday brunch and allow the team to offer items not suited to the casual yet fine dining fare Chives is known for. Most exciting though, heading up the kitchen is none other than Chive's current sous, Andrew Farrell. I guess I'm a tad biased since Andrew is from my hometown but, with his talent and passion, no doubt he'll rock it. And I just gotta say in the restaurant market of late where second locations seem to be popping up at every end of the city, props to Chives and the team for opening something fresh and exciting.

Speaking of exciting, the beer scene in Hali just gets better and better. Since Bridge Brewing has opened, they've been so damn successful that they keep running out. I've had both the Farmhouse  (my personal fav) and Gus' 60 Metre Ale and it's no surprise folks are lovin' it. In fact, we love our craft beer so much here in Hali that both Propeller and Garrison are expanding. Delicious news.

On the other side of the harbour, the roaster has finally arrived and Anchored Coffee has hit the shelves. While I have yet to grab a cup, notes of apples, brown sugar and molasses can't be bad right. Big congrats to the Two If By Sea gang for adding more cool to the hood. Drinkin' drip and eatin' butter like it ain't no thang.

If that ain't enough to get you salivating, it's wine and food February in NS! Both the Savour Food and Wine Festival and the Winter Wine Festival kick off this month, reminding us that no sub zero temperatures are gonna keep us from havin' one helluva good time. Check out my event listings at FBC for all the deets and get your eat on.

Last but certainly not least, the moment I've been waiting for. The Brooklyn Warehouse folks are at it again, heating up the scene like nobody's business. First, they've started a new crowdfunding campaign to raise the cash for a much needed kitchen reno. On behalf of the Record Shop, we supported the last crowdfund campaign that allowed Brooklyn to enclose their patio thereby increasing seating. In return, we got our name up on the wall and an invite to an amazing farm to table dinner. Think duck fat fried oysters, braised beef cheek, and lamb leg ragu with brown butter gnocchi kind of amazing. And that was only three of the seven courses. Uh huh, seven. Plus, it does feel pretty damn cool to know you are helping a small business renovate interest free so they can keep doing what they're best at. And that, of course, is being awesome. So, no doubt we'll be jumping on board with this crowdfunding campaign too and I suggest you do the same. But wait, it gets better. While the kitchen is being reno'd, the Brooklyn crew will be commandeering my buddy Nick's food truck, Nomad Gourmet, for ten whole days starting Feb 18. Shit just got real.  I nearly died when I read the menu.  This, my friends, is precisely why Brooklyn Warehouse is the best restaurant in town.

Well, looks like there's a whole lot of eating to do this month so best get started.