Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the new year

First of all Happy New Year everyone! As you can tell by those pics, our holiday consisted of a lot of cooking and baking and eating and drinking. It was awesome. But it's well into January and my extended vacay away from the blogging world has come to an end. With a load of unfinished posts and a bunch of to dos, best get this party started.

So here we are in 2013 and I don't know about you but I'm not big on the resolutions. I continually have a whole slew of goals so I don't really get caught up in the whole resolution craze that happens every January, especially the diet ones. Yes, sometimes I wish I could fit more physical activity into my life. And after the sugar binge that is Christmas, a few more veggies certainly wouldn't hurt. But will I continue to eat butter and cream and bacon? Hells yes. Ain't no 'diet' products in my cupboards. You see, I'm all about eating real. I'll admit back in my university days I was suckered in by the so called "healthy" diet. You know the diet cola, low cholesterol margarine, low fat processed snack kind of diet. But years in the kitchen have taught me to love the real thing. For me, healthy has come to mean unadulterated, real food. The stuff our grandparents ate. But, of course, moderation is key. I don't eat butter every meal nor even every day so why would I ever feel guilty when I do. Gone are the days of feeling guilty over what I did or didn't eat. If I hear the term cheat day one more time, I'm gonna lose it. Just eat people. Like everyone I sometimes indulge in the processed stuff too but I'm not about to feel bad about that either. Hell, for dinner New Year's day, we had hot dogs. Wrapped in bacon no less. Take that New Years resolution.

So this year, how bout we just let food be food and enjoy it. Cook it. Share it. Savour it.

Here's to the new year. Bon appétit.