Friday, July 6, 2012

get your eat on

Summer in Hali is a wonderful thing. It is, in fact, my first summer here in 7 years. Crazy I know. But this summer, after retiring from the planting world, we are back in the game. And if my twitter feed is any indication, the food scene in Hali is on fire. I have recently compiled the July listings for food related events in the Atlantic region for Food Bloggers of Canada. You can check them out here

But I was compelled to write this post after seeing so many events happening here in the city this very weekend. So, sit back, relax and get a load of what you'll be eating this weekend!

In case, you haven't heard (cuz I guess you live under a rock!) its strawberry season in NS. This, people, is what real strawberries taste like. Not those watery versions imported from god knows where. Just real locally grown NS berries. I have already made a strawberry rhubarb cake with rhubarb syrup for a BBQ and a decadent chocolate cake with Godiva whipped cream and fresh strawberries for my neice's grad party. It is high time you too get your strawberry eating on! And this weekend at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is the perfect opportunity. It's their second annual Strawberry Festival. Vendors will be showcasing their strawberry goodies and there will even be tasting of different strawberry varieties. Check their fb page and get on down there. And I can't help but link y'all to this awesome video by Hali's own Feisty Chef and fam. I mean what is better than homemade ice cream made with local strawberries and local milk?  Those are some lucky kids.

But maybe you're in the mood for some homemade Lebanese food. Well, the Lebanese Festival happening all weekend at the Olympic Community Center on the corner of Cunard and Hunter has got ya covered. Sure there's way more to see and do as part of celebrating all things Lebanese, but, let's be real, I'm going for the food.

Or gather the fam and head to the South Commons Saturday for the 7th Annual Welcome BBQ. With face painting, food, and music, it's an awesome way to welcome newcomers to NS and celebrate our diverse community. It's 11-2pm rain or shine.

Then there are a few local birthdays to celebrate. First, the Armview is celebrating 60 years in business. 60 freaking years! I think we owe it to the great folks behind this modern diner to get down there and show 'em our love. I mean just check out this invite!

And lastly, but certainly not least, Morris East is turning 5! And to share in the celebration, they are offering a three course menu for 30 bucks that includes a piece of ice cream birthday cake. Um, yes please! I don't know when the deal ends so best get down there.

Alright, there you have it. A weekend full of food and celebrations. Sounds pretty good to me. Now let's hope that rain holds off.

Oh, and did I forget to mention my blog was featured on Food Bloggers of Canada today? So very humbled by their love and for stirring up some more buzz for our resto-coffee bar, The Record Shop. Big thx to everyone for their continued support.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the ABCs of keepin' it real

Maybe you don't do twitter or maybe you're not as addicted to burgers as I (low iron or something?), but as of July 1, Ace Burger Co, A Brooklyn Warehouse Joint, opened their doors to the burger lovin' public. (And how very fitting that this post follows my last blog post about Brooklyn. Mad love.) Sure they still have a bit of work to do, had yet to print the menus, and the website is still a work in progress. But did we care? Hells no. We were there for the burgs. Well, that and to support our local biz.

Taking over the kitchen of Gus's Pub, Ace is bringing back the ol' school take-out burger bar with a small menu of burgers, fries, poutine, and classic sodas.  While they're not offering a long list of so called gourmet toppings, their menu consists of creatively designed burgers built upon the foundation of fresh, local ingredients. With tastes for all, you can choose between the classic beef, the souped up classic with PEI old cheddar and Brothers back bacon, Asian pork, fried clam, jerk chicken, lamb, or vegetarian. We clearly went classic because it seemed fitting for the ol' school feel of the joint. Merely waiting minutes for our order, it was a mad dash to the car to get our eat on while on the road to the beach.

yup, that's my lap!
One bite and we were transported to burger heaven. With frisee lettuce, dill pickle, crispy fried onions, dijonnaise, and a patty so juicy and seasoned so perfectly, this burger easily stands alone without cheese or bacon. Did I really just say that?!  Hot damn, now that's a burger. Combined with real fries salted perfectly and some classic sodas, this was exactly what I want out of a burger bar. Non of that processed, frozen crap other burger joints pass off as food. I imagine back in the day this was what burger bars were all about. Real, local, fast, and delicious. Props to Brooklyn Warehouse for keepin' it real.  (Oh, I did try a bite avec ketchup as evidenced in my pic but it's just as awesome without.)

With several other inventive burgers on the menu, no doubt we'll be back soon. It may actually be a problem that it's down the street.

Their site's not up yet but I suggest you bookmark that shit!