Tuesday, May 22, 2012

open city: the twitter edition

If you weren't in Hali May 12-13, then you totally missed out on the awesomeness that was Open City. An idea devised by Arthur Gaudreau of HalifaxReTales and brought to life by Gordon Stevens, the force behind I Love Local Halifax, Open City saw artists, businesses and restaurants open their doors to the public, showcasing the best the city has to offer. And let me tell you, It.Was.Awesome! So awesome in fact that people came out in droves (it certainly helped that the sun was a shinin') and the kitchen door takeout quickly sold out at most restaurants, some in mere minutes. While I could go on and on about my little adventure Saturday (I unfortunately worked Sunday), I simply put together my tweets from that day along with some pics. For those of you not on the twitter, your crash course starts now.

Hello #opencity!!!! First up, burgers for breaky and a tweetup @BrooklynHalifax #popgoesBW!

 A lil line up @BrooklynHalifax #popgoesBW! That's what creating a buzz looks like! #opencity

Ah yeah, @BrooklynHalifax or rather @aceburgerco! #POPgoesBW

 The right way to start your day! @BrooklynHalifax #popgoesBW #opencity


Next up $1 espresso @JavaBlendCoffee to get me goin! Man I love #opencity!

Next stop @HfxSeaportMrkt but @SweetWilliamsNS is all sold out of their #opencity special! Hali really loves their pork!

Woohoo organic blueberry smoothie from the kind folks at @NorbertsFood! Might as well add a lil healthy to my day! #opencity

Mad love @madewithlocal. Not only are they awesome ladies, but they make some damn fine granola bars! #opencity

Refreshing iced tea from @WorldTeaHouse. Tastes like summer! #opencity

Thank you @Benjamin_Bridge and @BishopsCellar for taunting me with summery bubbly! What could I do but buy some Nova 7?! #opencity

Mmm @ciboulettecafe fleur de sel caramels from the lovely @localtastetrs! We should all be excited for the launch of her biz! #opencity

  (ok i totally forgot to tweet about this one but it was part of NSCAD's artist for a day activity. steam roller art for reals!)

@dineDaMaurizio in line now for some amazing gnocchi (for later of course!). #opencity

FREE banana pudding from the awesome (and hilarious) folks of @BoneheadsBBQ!!! Find them on the waterfront right now! 

And now finishing my #opencity adventure with a Mexico nubes de oro clover style @SmilingGoatSpro!

It's workin time for me but big ups to @ILOVELOCALHFX @HalifaxReTales and all local biz participating in #opencity! We really are awesome!