Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monthly Miette: Lemon Tarts

A fellow food blogger and friend Aimee has a pretty cool thing going. Last month she started a monthly recipe challenge encouraging friends and fellow bloggers to recreate a recipe from the beautiful cookbook Miette by Meg Ray. Based on the bakery in San Francisco of the same name, it is a lovely book with pretty scalloped edges offering up a well rounded collection of baking recipes. Aimee's Monthly Miette challenge is simple: buy the book, make the chosen recipe, photograph it, link to her blog, and get this, eat your creation for breakfast. Cake for breakfast? Hells yeah.

Last month I had yet to purchase the book so I totally missed out on what looked to be a super delish cake from the cover, The Tom Boy Cake. Check out Aimee's round up of last month's submissions and get your drool on over some pretty incredible food photography. But this month I was determined to get in on the action (three days late is better than nothin!). This month instead of a single recipe, Aimee simply made the theme 'tarts' of which there was a whole chapter of tarty goodness to choose from. Being mad addicted to lemons as of late, I couldn't resist but make the Lemon Tarts.

I won't get into tons of detail since I suggest you get your hands on your own copy of this baking beauty, worth it for the pics alone. The base of the tart, like most tarts in the book, was a pâte sucrée. This pastry was easily executed with the help of the new kitchen aid stand mixer, Big Red. It literally took minutes. The lemon curd was equally as easy and fast although I halved the recipe since I made 4 individual tarts. In retrospect, bad always need more curd! Although not part of the recipe, I made a meringue for my tarts cuz it was only logical what with the leftover egg whites. I didn't use a recipe but simply threw in some sugar with my whites, cooked over a double boiler til the sugar dissolved then threw it in Big Red and let 'er rip. A little torch action and viola lemon tarts!

Now let's get to the real bizness, the taste. The crust was flaky and tasty although I didn't find it stood out from other crusts I have made. The curd, oh the curd, was tangy and sweet and smooth and the stuff dreams are made of.  This was my first curd attempt so I can't compare this recipe to any other but you betcha I'll be making this one again. And again. And again. Overall, the Lemon Tart was a winner. Check out the rest of the tart action over at Aimee's blog.

Apparently, next month's challenge is Buttermilk Panna Cotta. I have never made nor eaten panna cotta so this one is quite exciting. Stay tuned for next month's round up or get your bake on and join us. Because let's be real, panna cotta for breakfast can't be a bad thing.