Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lunch "off the beaten path"

While on a split shift the other day, Brent and I dropped into the Brooklyn Warehouse for a late lunch.  We had actually planned to eat at the market but sadly it was barren save for a few stalls. (But I'll take that organic apple cider pressed today thank you!) It's a rare occurrence that we are in Halifax in the afternoon so it was a treat to be able to try out Brooklyn's lunch menu. Everything about Brooklyn Warehouse is wonderful: the atmosphere, the drink selection, the staff, the commitment to local sources, that sexy espresso machine (Brent is widely obsessed with all things coffee right now!), and the food is no different.
Bahn-Mi NYC
I ordered the Banh-Mi NYC pulled pork sandwich with a side of oven roasted potato wedges. Even though I had never had a Vietnamese sandwich, Brent assured me I would love it (although not so far fetched of a choice since I do love the fresh flavours of Vietnamese cuisine). Piled high on a fresh, and perfectly soft, ciabatta bun, the pulled pork was oh so tender and seasoned lightly with just the right kick. Complemented by the tang of the pickled cucumber, carrot and daikon, the creamy cool cucumber mayo as well as the fresh flavour of the cilantro, this sandwich incorporated all the flavours I have come to love in Vietnamese cuisine, with no flavour so pronounced as to overpower the others. To top it all off, the oven roasted potato wedges were cooked perfectly with a crisp golden crust and a soft potato-y (that's a word right?!) centre. And might I just add that I love restaurants offering fare that is not deep fried. (Oh yes, you do see four little glasses of beer in the background, the draught taster including 6 oz samples of Brooklyn Dark, St Ambroise Cream Ale, Propeller Pilsner, and Garrison Hopyard. Yum, yum, yum and, let me see...yum! And it's only 10 bucks!)

Brooklyn Burger
Brent had the Brooklyn Burger and all I gotta say is how is it that another restaurant wins Best Burger in The Coast year after year? Having now tasted both, I simply do not understand. This burger is everything you would want in a burger: a juicy real beef patty, rich Quebec raw cheddar cheese, salty double smoked bacon from a local farm, and the requisite tomato, onion, pickle, and lettuce, or in this case sprouts. Add to that a side of creamy red pepper mayo and the same oven roasted wedges and you've got one hell of a burger. If taste alone isn't deserving of the title, there is always the fact that this is organic NS beef, not a premade patty processed and shipped from lord knows where. At Brooklyn, the burger is fresh, local, and nothing but delicious! So, to anyone that reads this, whether you "follow' or not, get your fingers to to vote for the real Best Burger in Halifax.

check out the full menu or read their inspiring philosophy:

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