Sunday, March 6, 2011

BBQ for breakfast

durty and delicious
Yesterday, during brunch at Coastal Cafe, we (yes, we both ordered it!) finally sank our teeth into the Durty South, BBQ eggs stacked atop pulled pork on sweet potato cornbread, finished with red-eye beans.  Everything about this dish was amazing. The pulled pork was tender and flavourful, the cornbread crumbly yet moist, and the beans smokey and sweet. Who'd have thought BBQ for breakfast would be so damn delicious? Chef and owner Mark Giffin, that's who! This really is breakfast redefined; no plain ol' bacon and eggs here. Now what to try next visit....

Oh, by the way, that is the Elvis, a buttermilk waffle sandwich of pb, banana, and bacon, drizzled with real maple syrup. Yes, you read right: pb, banana and bacon. The perfect marriage of salty and sweet. Nothing but yum here folks!

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