Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday dinner at Morris East

This past Sunday some friends (regulars I might add!) and I headed down to the southend to dine at Morris East, a small restaurant offering wood fired pizzas made with locally sourced products. Yumm already! We were especially excited since we haven`t had wood fired pizza since Brent worked at the Northern in Auz. We settled in, ordered our drinks (of which there is a great selection of beers, some local, wine and inventive cocktails), and began to read over the menu. I have come to love small menus; not only do they make it easier for this indecisive woman to choose her meal, but they also generally signify that everything on it is delicious. The ol' better to be great at a few things than only good at many.

To start, we ordered the fall warm vegetable salad and our friends, the starter of "butter poached squash, shortrib meatballs and leek puree". We were intrigued. The salad, unfortunately, consisted solely of very tiny diced vegetables with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, leaving the microgreens and tete de maine cheese nowhere to be found. Sad I know. Perhaps these neglected ingredients would have taken this salad from boring and bland to interesting and delicious. Our friends starter, on the other hand, was artfully presented and designed, allowing for an interesting fusion of both flavours and textures. So perhaps our salad was some crazy mistake...

Soon all was forgotten as we dined on some amazing wood fired pizzas. Brent ordered a pizza of lamb, spiced tomato sauce, goat cheese, charred onions, and apricots. While I never would have gone for anything with lamb (a bit too meaty for my tastes), I admit this pizza was delicious. The combination of the sweet dried apricots, the spice of the sauce and the richness of the lamb really worked. These people know what they`re doing! Furthermore, my roasted vegetable pizza was everything I would expect: oven roasted veggies, fresh basil, and creamy goat cheese (and on a crispy whole wheat crust I might add). Perfect. Our friends had ordered the Thai green curry pizza consisting of chicken, a green curry sauce in place of the traditional marinara, cilantro, and peanuts. While again not a choice I would make, the flavours were perfectly balanced without the green curry being too spicy or overpowering.  It seems these people love pizza as much as we do!

Even though Brent makes pizza regularly, it`s pretty clear no other pizza in the city will ever measure up. Furthermore, the inventive flavour combinations, great service, and the goal to produce exceptional food with local products will make Morris East a perfect model to emulate.

Go get some tonight....

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